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Hello Kitty's exciting flag raising action game!

Control Kitty as she moves a pair of flags cutely like a sailor as shown in the bubbles from her friends!

***Product features
Do not raise the red one and do not lower the white one! So simple, so exciting! This Kitty the sailor girl’s flag-raising game will surely get you completely absorbed in it!

Control the flags carefully but rhythmically as shown in the bubbles by Rorry and Joey!

The game has three difficulty levels. Can you keep up with the directions given in more rapid succession at higher levels?
Also, be careful of the tricky instructions you may sometimes encounter!

Keep on moving the flags rhythmically and correctly, and the combo system will give you a chance to get a high score.

*** Legal notice
Unauthorized reproduction of the illustrations and images used in this app is strictly prohibited.
All the illustrations and images are the copyright of SANRIO CO., LTD.

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File size:11MB
OS:Android 1.6 and up

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